Denture Facts

Facts that you may not know:

  • Dentures will typically need to be replaced every 7-10 years and possibly relined every 2-3 years depending upon normal wear
  • Our dentures are custom made for each patient, we take pride in our individualized care and concern for each person’s needs
  • Dentures should not create any continual irritation or soreness.
  • As you progress in age, your mouth changes and gets smaller. This can cause your dentures to become loose. While a perfectly normal process, relining your dentures may become necessary to update the fit and make them more comfortable
  • If teeth are consistently breaking out of your denture, it may be a sign that you have an improper bite. This can lead to TMJ issues such as tissue soreness and headaches.
  • Regular toothpaste is made to be used on natural teeth and should not be used on dentures. It can be too abrasive and will eventually thin out the acrylic base or the teeth, causing premature wear and/or breakage. We recommend a good non-abrasive toothpaste (gels, such as AIM, work well)
  • Regular dental appointments are still important, even after delivery of your dentures.
  • With proper fit and maintenance, good home care practices and regular dental appointments, no one other than your dental provider and yourself need know that you have dentures.
  • As some medications can affect your natural teeth, the same holds true for dentures. If a medication that you take affects saliva production, it can also affect your dentures making it hard to swallow or chew. If you take one of these medications, discuss it with your dental provider as there are some products that he can suggest.
  • Remember to avoid eating anything that may be tougher than the denture acrylic – things such as ice, cracklings, brittles of any kind or nuts. Also, try to avoid biting in to any foods. We suggest cutting your food in to smaller bites for easier chewing.

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