Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are for those patients transitioning from their natural teeth in to dentures. Many patients find themselves with no other options for their natural dentition. By this time, they teeth are decayed, broken or just worn out. Teeth can also be lost due to periodontal disease or infection of the gums and supporting structures of the teeth. The progression of one or a combination of these factors contributes to the shifting and gapping of the teeth. In addition, gum infection can cause increasing bad taste and foul odor in the mouth. 

All of this can lead to poor diet, pain & discomfort and for many, a loss of self confidence. Asking for help is sometimes the most difficult part in making the decision to get started. Here at Elite Dentures, our complimentary initial consultation is all about getting to know you and your particular needs.

Once it is determined that extractions and immediate dentures are appropriate for you, accurate dental impressions will be taken of your mouth. Through a series of appointments, the dentures will be fabricated prior to the extraction date with input from the patient and Doctor regarding cosmetic choices, including shade, size and style of teeth. Patients are typically offered oral sedation in conjunction with Nitrous Oxide for their extraction appointment. At that appointment, all the remaining natural teeth are removed and the dentures are placed immediately. Post operative healing check appointments will be scheduled frequently during the first few weeks for denture adjustments and temporary comfort liners to be placed while your gums are healing. After six months of healing, the temporary liners are stripped out and a final reline is placed by our local lab. This is usually the final procedure done to complete the treatment. After this, patients will see us on an “as needed” basis determined by the patient. The results are nothing short of amazing- not only is the mouth returned to a better state of oral health, but the patient looks and feels so much better about themselves.

Trust your smile to our experience. Schedule an appointment now for a consultation.