What To Expect

Getting dentures will stir all sorts of emotions up. It can take a little getting used to the idea of needing dentures for many people.. this is normal. Knowing what to expect can make the process a little easier. It keeps you from being worried or hit by surprise. Knowing what will be happening to you for the first 30 days of use will help you relax about the whole process.

Day 1

This will be the toughest day as you “adjust” to your new dentures. It will take a little while to get used to them. Don’t worry if it seems difficult, this first day with dentures can be a struggle even for regular denture wearers. With about 36 million Americans wearing dentures, you’re in pretty good company. One of the things that many users say helped was the use of soft foods, choices that were easy on the gums and teeth seemed to make this new experience a little easier.

Day 2-14

Now that you have adjusted to the idea of having dentures, your mouth has to adjust to them. This will be going on the first couple of weeks. During this time it’s possible you will have increased salivation. You may also find that you have a few sore spots in your mouth due to your new dentures. Rinsing your mouth with salt water might help, but if it doesn’t you may need to see the doctor again for an adjustment. You can expect a longer healing time if you recently had your teeth extracted.

Day 15-29

During this next two weeks you will spend time learning to eat and speak with your new dentures. You are still getting used to having a foreign object in your mouth. The good news is that the increased saliva and the soreness will begin to decrease. During this time period you will begin to feel more comfortable with your new smile.

Day 30

You made the 30 day mark! By now you should feel more natural and comfortable with your dentures. You can even reward yourself by having your favorite meal and feeling confident it will be no problem. Every day after this one will just get easier. Do make sure you see your doctor often for adjustments and remember that you will need to have your dentures updated through relining or replacement.

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