Full Dentures

Full dentures are commonly called “standard” dentures. They are made of a full acrylic mouthpiece that adheres to the gums and roof of your mouth. It is critical for the patient to have a precise fitting to be sure that the dentures fit properly. The construction of dentures typically requires 4 appointments to impress, design, approve and deliver your new smile.

There are five major points to consider when creating your new denture:

  • Occlusion- This is the way in which the teeth come together. This is important in order to chew effectively.
  • Vertical Dimension- This accounts for the height between the upper and lower jaw. Proper positioning recaptures a youthful appearance.
  • Tissue Surface- This would be the bone and tissue that the dentures will rest on. This ensures the comfort and stability of the denture.
  • Aesthetics- This is the look of the teeth. Teeth are selected to fit each individual’s face type. This is important for cosmetic enhancement.
  • Phonetics- This is how you will speak and make sounds with your new teeth.

Each of these factors needs to be taken in to consideration as your new denture is being created. Doing this will ensure that you have new teeth that not only look amazing, but are also comfortable and functional. Dr. Fukuda and his talented staff will work hard for you to be sure that you leave fully satisfied with a beautiful new smile.

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