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About Elite Dentures

Elite Dentures is a dental care facility primarily focusing on dentures and partials. Elite dentures grew out of the concept  Dr. Fukuda developed for fine denture fabrication and care. While Dr. Fukuda enjoyed general dentistry he really loved the hands on job of creating dentures for his patients. So strong was that love that he decided to leave general dentistry in 2010 and opened Elite Dentures focusing on nothing but his love of creating new smiles.

Dr. Fukuda's dream for Elite Dentures was to create a warm, inviting atmosphere which he has done in the staff he's chosen. Kay Lynn helps run the office. Handling all of the financial and insurance needs and making sure all the scheduling is right. Kay Lynn's genuine love of life and people has made for the perfect fit. There are three dental assistants, Lindsey, Hailee and Libby. All three have great personalities and love working with patients as much as the patients love seeing them. Once the team was in place the dream had begun.

Having a great team that helps Dr. Fukuda run Elite Dentures in the way he envisioned has helped to make Elite Dentures a premier facility for the custom fabrication and construction of dentures. Elite Dentures is located at 1435 South Hwy 69 in Nederland, Texas. They're open from 8 am – 5 pm Monday –Wednesday and 7 am-2 pm on Thursdays. They take a lunch everyday from 1 pm and 2 pm. The primary goal of Elite Dentures is to not only give you the best dentures you can get in the area but to also make the experience a fun, friendly, lasting memory.

What To Expect...

Getting dentures will stir all sorts of emotions up. It can take a little getting used to the idea of needing dentures for many people. this is normal. Knowing what to expect can make the process a little easier. It keeps you from being worried or hit by surprise. Knowing what will be happening to you for the first 30 days of use will help you relax about the whole process.

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