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Mini Dental Implants

mini denturesMini dental implants are a fairly new addition to dental technology. They are inexpensive, predictable and offer a simple solution to loose dentures and partial dentures. They were developed by Dr. Ron Bulard to stabilize removable dentures. Once approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in the year 1997, they became a popular substitute for traditional dental implants. The implant is made out of titanium which prevents it from decay and periodontal disease. Mini dental implants have enjoyed a high rate of success.

Today, the mini dental implants are used for stabilization. The best example is these implants being used for stabilization of removable or full dentures, Attaching the implants to these prostheses helps eliminate movement. In this regard the improved retention makes retentive clasps and adhesives unnecessary and also results in increased esthetics. The patient's chewing power is also increased by anchoring the partial or denture down, preventing movement.

Many factors play a role in the process of placing mini dental implants. First the dental professional will evaluate bone density and quality using radiographs and computer tomography. A fairly new innovation in dental imagery is cone beam scanning. This is similar to cat scans in the medical field. Here at Elite Dentures we have this technology in our office. This imagery is fast becoming the new standard of care in the dental industry. it allows the clinician to capture the patients hard and soft tissues in digital form. From here, the doctor can three dimensionally manipulate the desired images for implant planning and placement. Once a digital treatment plan is produced, the digital file can be forwarded to a dental laboratory to fabricate a precise surgical guide. This guide can be inserted into the patient's mouth and it guides the location, angle, and depths of which the mini dental implants are inserted.

Implants are placed with the patient relaxed under oral sedation and local anesthetics. The procedure is comfortable and is usually completed in about one hour. Depending on the individual patient, some dentures are able to be snapped on the implants the same day. Our patients love the difference that having anchored dentures can provide. Contact our office about scheduling a consultation with Dr. Fukuda to see if you can enjoy a more secured smile too!

What To Expect...

Getting dentures will stir all sorts of emotions up. It can take a little getting used to the idea of needing dentures for many people. this is normal. Knowing what to expect can make the process a little easier. It keeps you from being worried or hit by surprise. Knowing what will be happening to you for the first 30 days of use will help you relax about the whole process.

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